You don’t have to send your child to school.

More and more Moms, Dads and their kids are enjoying “school” together right in their homes or elsewhere. So why don’t you?

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“Will My Child Look Like An Astronaut?”

In this pandemic, parents are afraid of sending their kids to school.

Because Covid is terrifying.

I know some parents who will send their kids to school only if they’re covered with a complete PPE, much like an astronaut.

A very worried father told me, “I’m going crazy, Bo. I want to protect my kids when they go to school. But how can I? Studies show that cloth masks provide only 5% protection. So if my 3 kids will use the N95 or other nano-filter masks daily—and one mask is good for 2 days only—I computed that I’ll need to spend P60,000 just on masks for the entire year?”

This concern is real.

That’s why “homeschooling” has become an obvious option.

But there’s another reason why people are looking at this alternative…

“Regular School Will Be Home Education Anyway…”

Parents today are wondering, “My kids’ school will do online classes? Lots of homework? Hey, I’m sure these teachers will try their best, but this is something totally new for them. They’ve never done this before. Why don’t I go homeschooling all the way?”

This is a very valid point.

Why not just homeschool your children with a Homeschool Provider that has been teaching parents to homeschool for the past 14 years?

But more than these reasons, I believe there are more important reasons for you to think of homeschooling.

Build A Tight Relationship With Your Kids

Moms come up to me and ask, “Bo, sometimes, I don’t know my son anymore. He has terrible moods and he’s not even a teenager. ”

And I’d ask, “How much time do you spend with them?”

“That’s the problem, Bo. I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I want. He’s got school.”

“Spend time with your son. Play with him, laugh with him, have fun with him, talk to him. How else do you expect to get to know him?

“Bo, you’re not listening. He has school. Are you saying I shouldn’t send him to school?”

“Yes, you don’t have to.”

You have a choice.
Homeschool your child.

You might say, “But, I don’t know anything about homeschooling.”

That’s why we have CFAH’s Homeschool Discovery. Here you will discover the beauty of the alternative to classroom-type of learning. You will hear testimonials from moms and dads who either homeschooled their children and are still with CFAH as Parent Coaches or are still in their homeschooling journey and loving it.

Pursue learning.

I mentioned education earlier and while I think it’s good, the pursuit of learning is better, if not the best. I think the best fruit of homeschooling is teaching the child to be curious, to ask questions, to investigate while having fun. Teach the child the joy of learning because it’s a lifelong process. It’s not something that’s over and done with once you graduate from college.

Maybe it’s not for me.

I know you may have doubts in mind. You probably have many other questions and a million other concerns and worries. But let me tell you this:

I don’t send my boys to school.

Yes, you read that right.

Marowe and I decided that the best teachers for our sons – Bene and Francis – would be us, their parents. Not because we graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University or the like. But because we think we’re the best people to teach them about values. Who could best teach them the values we care about, if not us, their mom and dad?

Is homeschooling easy?

Ask my wife and she’ll tell you, no.

Did we have doubts along the way? Of course, yes.

But we continued despite that and are now reaping the rewards.

Because of the time we spent with our children, teaching them and learning from them as well, while having fun, we know them very well and they know themselves very well too. They discovered their interests and passions (and are still discovering them along the way) and are pursuing them.

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May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez